Will Writing & Estate Planning Services

Will Writing

Wills are for those wishing to avoid the rules of intestacy and make the distribution of their estate easier for their family and beneficiaries. We offer a professional Will writing service that helps with planning and distribution of an individual’s estate.

Trust Wills

A Trust Will can protect your assets during your lifetime and stop them from being eroded. Placing assets into a Trust will ensure that these are passed on securely to your beneficiaries but can also protect income from savings held in a Trust.

Will Storage

Wetherby Wills offers secure storage for your Wills, Lasting Power of Attorneys and Title deeds for a small yearly charge. This entitles you to re-write your Wills as many times as you like this ensuring your Will is always up to date.

Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) specifically deals with the appointment of one or more people to manage your affairs if you are unable to do so. If you lose capacity, someone needs to act on your behalf to carry out your personal and financial affairs.


If a person has assets, then you may need to apply for Letters of Probate. On second death or for a single person as an Executor you may need to apply to the Probate Court for a Court Order to allow you to deal with the deceased persons estate.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax is paid if a person’s estate (their property, money and possessions) is worth more than £325,000 when they die. There are different thresholds for previous years. We can protect your assets ensuring any tax payable is kept to a minimum.