Secure Will Storage

Enjoy the peace of mind of having a your Will securely stored.

Safe & Secure storage of your will

Peace of mind

Don’t worry about losing your will it will be found easily with our secure storage.

Stress Free

Only your nominated Executors are able to access your Will when the time comes.

What documents can we store?

  • Safe secure storage.
  • £15.00 yearly charge enables free re-writes of your Will if drafted by Wetherby Wills.
  • LPA’s , Deeds and Trusts can be stored at no extra cost.
  • Wills stored for Wills drafted elsewhere.

Top Questions about secure will storage

Everyone’s family and circumstances are different. If someone keeps their Wills at home they run the risk of fire, or theft or destruction of a Will, More importantly, a person who would be better off if there was no Will maybe the first to find it, and might destroy the Will.

Do you know where your original Will are kept, can you find it or if stored with Solicitors can they find it. Sometimes Solicitors merge businesses so it is important you know that they still have your documents stored safely. There is no additional cost for storing other items with your Wills, such as a Lasting Power of Attorney or House Title Deeds.

Once your documents are stored then you will receive a letter from Kings Court Trust with a unique reference number for each individual document.

After completing a Will, it should be carefully stored. Ideally it should be kept somewhere safe, where no one can get unauthorised access to it and where your Executor will know how to retrieve it.

In conjunction with the Secure Will Company (Doncaster) and Kings Court Trust (Bath) we can store your original Wills, Lasting Power of Attorneys and HouseTitle Deeds. Even you haven’t made your Wills through Wetherby Wills, we can arrange secure will storage in the same way as we do for our clients.

Having you documents in a safe, theft proof, fire proof and bomb proof place gives you peace of mind. The originals can be sent to you or your Executors within a few days. You will need the original Wills when applying for Probate.

Make sure your Will is stored securely

Our Will storage gives you peace of mind that your important documents are in a safe, theft proof, fire proof and bomb proof place.