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About Caroline Fawcett

Caroline has always been interested in helping people and with Wetherby Wills she can continue to do this. Caroline is a member of The Society of Will Writers and trained with The Secure Will Company in Doncaster. Caroline always provides an honest, caring, reliable and friendly service.

Property Trusts

Homeowners, beware! Without a Property Trust in place, your gorgeous family home could slip away from you and your loved ones. It seems a cruel twist of Fate that you should spend years of your life working to pay off a mortgage on a family home only to have it taken away from you and [...]

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Storing Your Will

What’s the safest place you can think of for storing your Will? In Michael Jackson’s case, they couldn’t find his Will for ages. As the siblings, parents, cousins, nephews and in-laws closed in, the Jackson’s family lawyer, L. Londell McMillan, kept them at bay while searching high and low for the document. It was an [...]

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4 points to check in your will since the introduction of the residency nil rate band

It’s already a full months since the new Inheritance Tax Law came into effect on 6 April this year. Remember that? You heard about it, of course … but have you checked that your will meets the criteria for it? If you don’t make the most of it, your beloved, family home may have to [...]

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Types of power of attorney

Health & Wellbeing (LPA) You will be able to decide if the donor should: Receive healthcare treatment Not receive a particular healthcare treatment Stop receiving a particular healthcare treatment Some people who have a progressive illness sometimes make a decision about whether they would want a particular treatment in the future. They write down or [...]

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