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Storing Your Will

What’s the safest place you can think of for storing your Will? In Michael Jackson’s case, they couldn’t find his Will for ages. As the siblings, parents, cousins, nephews and in-laws closed in, the Jackson’s family lawyer, L. Londell McMillan, kept them at bay while searching high and low for the document. It was an [...]

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Why store your Will

Your Will is a very important document. Executors of the person Will who has died have to obtain the original Will in order to deal with a person’s estate. The original Will is needed for Probate. If you stored your Will with Wetherby Wills then your documents are safe from tampering, or a person disposing [...]

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What are the rules of Intestacy

Who is entitled to the estate? For deaths after 1 October 2014:- Married couples and civil partners without children The spouse or civil partner inherits the full estate regardless of whether there are surviving parents or not. Married couples and civil partners with children The spouse (or civil partner) is entitled to: The personal chattels absolutely [...]

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