Why You Need a Will

Why should you get a will

After all, thirty million adults in the UK don’t have one. Can they all be wrong?

Well, that’s thirty million families who are facing a potential crisis – financially and personally. You decide.

Do you have a will? Do the other adults in your family? If not, why are you putting it off?

One of the top reasons why some people put off writing a will is that they are afraid of discussing their lives with a lawyer. Although there are some wonderful legal firms out there, the old-fashioned view that lawyers are not to be trusted seems to linger even now.

So, what’s the alternative? If you or someone you know is procrastinating with writing a will, what would make it easier for you to take that step?

Although there are some cheap, DIY Will Writing kits on retailers’ shelves, it’s advisable to speak to an expert. The cheap versions may not cover everything you need to know about, and loopholes can easily occur later when it’s too late to change your will.

The good news is that you don’t have to see a lawyer to arrange your will. A professional Will Writer is able to help you with it as much as any lawyer. If you choose a friendly, helpful Will Writer with an eye for detail and a real wish to take the stress off your shoulders, you’re in the pink.

Here are eight reasons to get a Will:

  1. You get to choose what happens to your estate. If you die without a will, what you want for your family here and now may turn out to be irrelevant.
  2. You get to choose who raises your children. Don’t think that your wishes will be honoured by a court if you die without a will. You need a legally binding document to stipulate what happens to your little ones, or the court will do the choosing.
  3. ‘Winding up’ your estate needn’t be a headache for your children. Having a will in place speeds up the probate process considerably. This cuts down on time, red tape and expense once you’re gone and helping your loved ones to move on.
  4. You get to choose who manages the probate process. You need estate executors who are honest, reliable and who know you. Without a will in place, a complete stranger might be in charge of your heirs’ inheritance.
  5. You can cut somebody out of your will. Families being what they are usually have tensions … if there is someone set to inherit a part of your estate that you’d rather didn’t, you can stipulate that in your will. Without one, the court might make a decision that’ll make you turn in your grave!
  6. You can change it. If you make a will now, it doesn’t mean you can’t amend it later as circumstances and relationships change. Just get it done – that’s the main thing.
  7. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Death is a fact of Life. It doesn’t come by appointment; very often, it happens suddenly, or comes on as a result of the unforeseen onset of illness. It takes just a couple of hours to create a will. Seize the day!
  8. You can tick off that annoying stress you’ve been carrying around for ages from your ‘TO DO’ list. Once it’s done, it’s done.

And with Wetherby Wills it can happen over a cup of tea and a friendly chat. Take that step – don’t put it off any longer. Here’s to your peace of mind!

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