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Why store your Will

Your Will is a very important document. Executors of the person Will who has died have to obtain the original Will in order to deal with a person’s estate. The original Will is needed for Probate. If you stored your Will with Wetherby Wills then your documents are safe from tampering, or a person disposing of a Will.

Sometimes there may be disputes within a family so it is really important that your Will is secure in fireproof, bombproof, theft proof facilities at Kings Court Trust.

If you keep your Will at home then you run the risk of fire, flood or theft destroying your Will. More importantly a person who would be better off if there was no Will may be the first to find it and destroy it.

When you make your Will with Wetherby Wills we will always offer you the service to store your Wills for a small yearly charge. You can also store your Lasting Power of Attorneys and Title Deeds with your Will at no extra charge. By storing your Will this also entitles you to free Will re-writes so your Will can be kept updated as and when you need to make changes.

Kings Court Trust provide each client with a Certificate of Deposit detailing a unique reference number. When a Will needs to be retrieved then you can contact us and provide proof of identity and your Will can be posted back to you.


Your Executors need to be informed of the whereabouts of the Will.  By storing your Will this simplifies the retrieval of the original Will so that the Executors can carry out their duties.

Please contact Wetherby Wills and ask for storage yearly rates or a lifetime storage is available as a one off fee. We also offer storage for clients who have already made a Will elsewhere but want to use this facility to store their Wills.

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