Will Writing

Professional Wills vs Do it Yourself Wills

When you have your Will written by a professional Will Writer then you will be provided with a professional service. You will receive sound advice on what is the best type of Will for you. This will be tailored to a client’s individual needs. This may be a Basic Will of more a more complex Trust Will protecting your home and assets. If you need more complex estate planning and have a large estate then you can discuss this with Wetherby Wills so that you can take into consideration any Inheritance tax liability you may have.

All Wills and Trusts are written in accordance with Step Standard Provisions. This means that any Will or Trust drafted are subject to the law of England and Wales and avoids any technical terms which may confuse the lay person. STEP (The Society of Trust and Estate Planners) is the worldwide professional association for those advising families across generations. We help people understand the issues families face in this area and promote best practice, professional integrity and education to their members.

If you prepare your own Will this may be invalid and your assets may not go to the people you wanted it to go to and may be challenged. If someone stores their Wills at home then they run the risk of fire, or theft destroying their wills. More importantly, a person who would be better off if there was no Will may be the first person to find it and destroy the Will.

Wetherby Wills offer safe storage of your Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney’s and Deeds at a small yearly charge.


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